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Revealed! The UK’s leading Cleaning Coach shows you the secret to earning 4x your cleaning rates, retaining happy staff for years and making customers rave about you to bring a flood of referrals... so you never have to worry about competition again



Yes, please I want to be one of the best!

Running a cleaning company isn’t easy... don’t I know it!

The hourly rate is low, competition is everywhere and finding reliable staff is a NIGHTMARE. Even the customers you do have are reluctant to pay more than £10-15 an hour you charge for your hard work.

I know because, not so long ago, my business was like this. But that was before I discovered the way out. A small change which made a big impact on my customer satisfaction AND staff retention.

It’s the reason my customers RAVE about my business... even though we're more expensive than everyone else in the area. (Forget £10/hr...we’re talking £40-£50/hr!).

It’s why my marvellous staff stay a MINIMUM of two years. And help me RECRUIT more staff by recommending me to their friends.

And it’s why I NEVER struggle to win customers who would pay my premium rates.

As soon as I discovered how to escape the grind of life as a regular cleaner, I couldn’t wait to tell people. You included.

Before I explain the secret to growing a successful cleaning company, let me introduce myself.

My name is Ilze Whiteman, and I’m known as The Cleaning Coach. I've built and grown a cleaning company serving both domestic and commercial businesses. I’m also known for training and coaching hundreds of cleaning businesses owners, just like you.

The reason I’m writing you today is that I believe I can help your business grow and flourish. Just know this...

It’s not complicated.

You’re not on your own.

You just need to know how.

And I’m here to show you...

If you’re living in fear of competition, worried leads will dry up and frustrated at customers turning their noses up at your fair prices, you need to read this.

The breakthrough most cleaning companies NEVER have

I started off in the same boat as you. Most days I’d be so short-staffed I had to visit houses myself to make ends meet.

Looking back, I realise I was so mistaken. That crippling fear of competition. Keeping my rates down and my head lower was stopping me:

1. Charging what I was worth to my customers

2. Recruiting, training and delighting my staff (seriously, before I couldn’t keep my employees for more than a few months!)

It was an endless struggle for me.

Finding enough work to keep the business running is one thing... finding trustworthy and reliable staff is even harder. I’d start each morning exhausted from lost sleep and despairing whether this was right for me.

One evening, I hit rock bottom. Another cleaner had vanished into thin air, and I was forced to work (again). I resolved to make a change in my business.

As the famous saying goes:

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

So I stopped...

Why taking LONGER on cleaning jobs makes you MORE money

I tried something no other cleaning businesses would EVER think of doing. I doubled the amount of time I took to complete each job. Yes, I spent twice the amount of time any other cleaner took to do the same job. But I did it more thoroughly and more deeply, and I didn’t charge a penny more.

Other cleaners told me I was crazy. That I'd go out of business as cleaning was all about doing the most you can in the shortest time.

I thought differently, I thought, “what if time wasn’t a factor? What if the quality was?”

Something strange happened. Customers started commenting on the quality of my work. A referral trickled in (we’d never had one before). Then another and another.

Our staff started working that little bit harder. Taking a bit more pride in their work now they had more time.

After a few months, word was getting around about us and I was able to raise my prices. Did anyone complain? NO WAY. Our standards delighted our clients.

Which goes to destroy one major myth in the cleaning industry...

The REAL reason you’re struggling for time and money

Here’s a hint. It’s NOTHING to do with how hard you work or how passionate you are about your business.

It’s because you’re caught in a cycle. A cycle every cleaning business owner falls into, by accident, of course.

You’re providing a service which could be valued far higher, and to the wrong customers at that. And it’s your business that’s taking the hit.

But there’s more...

So-called cleaning experts will tell you that your business can generate tons of customers by doing social media marketing. All you need to do is hang about on Facebook or Instagram every waking minute, post every few hours, stalk people who look like they could be customers, and suddenly business will fall into your lap.

If you think that’s the way to win more business, I don’t blame you. It’s not your fault.

There’s so much misinformation out there from people who have no idea about running a cleaning business. I’m not going to be one of those people who tells you there is one - and only one - way to grow your business.

I can only tell you what worked for me and what works for all my cleaning business clients.

And that is transforming the way you see your cleaning business from your customer’s perspective.

How to build a cleaning business that serves you (and not the other way round)

Frustrated by seeing cleaning company owners struggling, I decided to share everything I knew about growing a successful cleaning business.

This manual has become the definitive training resource for cleaning company owners. In it, I reveal everything I know and teach my clients. I hold back NOTHING.

Within its page is everything you need to leave your competition in the dust, delight your customers and make your company sparkle.

Anyway, here’s just a small taster of what you’ll find inside…

How to WOW customers, build referrals and never struggle for work ever again (do this, and you’ll end up with turning AWAY business...)
The undeniable benefits of rate per job charging (make this tiny shift, and you’ll immediately see more money in your bank)
The simple change that leapfrogs you over all your competitors to become The No.1 choice for clients
The “insider’s” guide to professional cleaning and coaching (you most likely know 99% of what there is to know about cleaning… but here’s the 1% you probably don’t)
The secret behind keeping loyal staff for at least TWO years without begging, bribing or blackmailing them to stay (you’ll sleep at night knowing your staff situation is finally under control)
How to become the best boss ever (your cleaners will love working with you so much they’ll even spread the word so you’ll never be short of staff again)
The hidden value of training self-employed workers (why these works can sometimes be the best option for staffing)
How to slash the amount of time your cleaners spend on a job while being MORE thorough and detailed
Those were just a few things you’ll read about in my the training manual.
Put into place this blueprint and you’ll get to a point when you NEVER lose a customer.

What’s more, you’ll never worry about competition again. I’m confident enough in this system that I now see competitors as a myth.

Ever heard people say: “It’s all in the head”? Well, that’s what I’m telling you now. There is a market RICH with customers who need convincing.

What price would you pay for more clients, loyal staff and a thriving cleaning business?

When you get your hands on this training manual, it’s not just a book. This manual is an asset you can use to grow and build your business. Use the system in this manual and your company will be unstoppable.

Here’s how you can learn the system.

If you hire me as your Cleaning Coach, I charge at least £2,000 per day for my expertise working on your business.

If you came along to one of my workshops, you'd pay at least £200+VAT for a seat.

You’re not going to have to invest either of those amounts today. All it takes is a small investment on your part. And to sweeten the deal, I’m offering a heavy discount, just to you and a handful of cleaning business around the UK.

As of March 2018, this training manual will be published at a retail price of £97.

However, I want this in the hands of as many cleaners as possible so they can spread the word. I’m offering this for a generous pre-launch price.

For you, it’ll be just £47.

A measly financial investment that, when you use just one or two ideas to your business, will IMMEDIATELY pay for itself… many times over.

That's why I want this to be a no-brainer for you... To show my dedication to helping you out of the cycle of £10/hr thankless work, I want to make sure you have your money’s worth.

If you’ve read my book and followed my instructions and after 6 months you’re not:

Asking for more money from customers
Directing staff who value you more and stay for longer
Losing even a single night’s sleep over lack of work

… then I’ll give that £47 straight back to you. If you’re not delighted and your business transformed, I’ll put my money with my mouth is.

There’s ZERO RISK and all the upside of growing a business around what you want. Hit the Buy Button today and make the change.



Get your Training Manual NOW

Take this away with you.

If you were to put a price on raising your cleaning rates by at least 4x, I’ll assume you wouldn’t have said £47.

Think it over… but not for too long. There’s a limited number of copies available before I release this training manual at full price for everyone else.

Remember, if you’re not grabbing this book, your competition might be… and if they follow the tools and systems in this training manual, it’s game over. Take the advantage and get there first.

Secure your copy of the Cleaning Coach training manual right now. You won’t regret the day you decided to hike up your rates, say no to bad customers and build a business that works for YOU.

Hit the Buy Button below and you’ll get instant access to the manual, and you can start implementing the systems right away. 




Get your training manual today!

Check out the Bonuses included in the price


Domestic checklist (Worth £40)

A thorough 126.5 point checklist for your customers to fill out before you discuss payment! Set yourself apart from the competition. Stand out and build authority before you meet with your next new customer. 



Customer information sheet (Worth £20)

Everything you need to ask your customers before you start, to avoid problems and to make the transaction so much easier for your customers to switch to your service.


Different Pricing grid (Worth £45)

Give customers a choice. Silver or gold package. 80% of clients chooses the higher price.If customers could decide what cleaning they want - they will always choose to pay more for better quality cleaning.


Link Book (Worth £15)

Make communication in your business strapless with a communication book. You will get less emails and phone calls, freeing you up to grow your business.


Access to my Private Facebook Group

Get direct access to me live in the Facebook group, ask your question and communicate with fellow cleaning business owners that is going through the same in business than you.


Get your Domestic training Ebook

" When I saw the 1st post from you I honestly thought, how can this be possible, the best thing about this is that it really is possible, its actually really easy if you follow the advice and believe in yourself and your worth !! 5 years I have been doing the hard work feeling like I was getting there but so slowly and now with this book and the great tips the next 5 will be amazing. This will save me time on cleans, by improving our service and what we can offer, save money on chemicals, improve staff wages and retainment as well as improve health and safety for my staff, fewer chemicals to work with and breath in. Stop me cleaning personally and grow my business. Would you recommend the book to other cleaning business owners? I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that has a cleaning business, always good to learn new ways of doing things and all makes sense to improve profits as well as our service. What is the most important lesson you have learned so far? The most important lsson that I have learned so far is that the E-cloth and water cleaning amazed me. Giving my clients a better choice including more services under one roof. I love the client checklist and how it creates a sense of the high level of service to new clients and existing. I have started implementing the training for staff, and they too love the e-cloth and can see sense in doing a more thorough job also. More hours of cleaning with better pay and less travel time. This book has completely changed my way of thinking on how I value my services and how we value our clients. In the future, I think it will create a better long-term future for the business, our clients and more job security for my wonderful staff now and those we appreciate in the future. We already retain our customers very well and still have many who have been with us for the 5 years but the difference I think now is they will see the difference with the e-cloth, love the extras we can provide and best of all tell more people about how amazing our cleaners are and all while being family, pet safe and environmentally friendly. Everyone’s a winner"

Angie Cox
AC Elite Cleaners

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