How to go from an overworked, underpaid cleaner struggling to grow to a £100k plus cleaning business entrepreneur with all the time and freedom you desire.

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Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover in this challenge

✔︎ Day 1 The No.1 Mindset Shift That Will Change How You Think About Pricing (Forever!)

✔︎ Day 2 - How To Instantly Raise Your Prices Without Risking Losing Any Income

✔︎ Day 3 - How to find, recruit and train reliable quality staff that don’t disappear

✔︎ Day 4- How to be a Dyson brand - the secret to attracting higher paying customers and higher quality staff to rapidly scale your business

✔︎ Day 5 - Putting it all together to make the leap from struggling cleaner to six figure cleaning entrepreneur in less than 12 months


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Register For The 5 Day Challenge Today

There is zero cost to join this one-time only training

The Path to 100K Cleaning Biz 5 Day Challenge!

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"Since doing the 5-day challenge I've doubled my income."

Shelly Louise
The Cleaning Lady

"I've learned that in everything you do, You want to be thorough. I've learned that you want to set yourself apart from the competition. This challenge has been incredible. I believe that this is going to help us be more structure. If you're a new cleaning company, I would definitely recommend taking this challenge. When you're starting out there are so many things that we are trying to figure out that we forget or don't think of the other stuff that will make your company rise. Ilze really makes things clear on the items you need to make your company stand out. "

Gabby Sandoval
Office Manager- Jay's One Stop Cleaning Services

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