Ilze Whiteman AKA The Cleaning Coach
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About Us

Have you run into problems with employees, employee retention, how to train your staff to become your salesforce, needing more customers, not knowing where to start and how to solve problems?      


Let me reassure you that IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT and YOU ARE NOT ALONE     
Every marketer out there is  telling you how to market your business and no one out these is giving you the foundations that you need in place before you start to market. This is so important because it does matter how much money you spend on marketing and getting your company known, without training your staff properly to be a salesforce you wont get very far! Believe me I found out the hard way!
I was there for a few years. I just wanted more customers and grow my business quickly, but it wasn't until I set systems in place for my staff that it truly kicked off. You need to train you're cleaning staff how to clean, with what materials and how. You need to train them in customer service because they are representing YOUR company name! Let face it one bad customer could cost you thousands of pounds! Hopefully you are like me and want the true solution to build your foundations first before your staff drag your name trough the mud!
I am Ilze Whiteman AKA THE CLEANING COACH and after 11 years of running a successful cleaning business my attitude is —  a problem is only a problem if you don't find a solution for it and because I was where you are now by buying into just marketing my cleaning business I have decided instead of franchising my business I am going to help other cleaning business train their staff to become their salesforce and to train them to clean in such a way it will reduce staff retention and let your business stand out form all your competitors you give you the time to grow your business to achieve the financial freedom that you deserve!
After all isn't that why you are in business?


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