How to write your own cleaner employee contract -Part 4
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How to write your own cleaner employee contract -Part 4

employee contract Jul 14, 2018


This is part 4 of the video series about what you must include in your employee contract.


If you don’t protect your business or tell your employees right from the beginning what rules and regulations they must follow you will end up with employees that will not only use and abuse you, but it will make it so much harder for you to run your business and cause you a lot of unnecessary stress.


Today we will be talking about the police and criminal reference bureau and the rights you have as business owners to protect your business and your restraining clause or non-compete agreement, meaning they cannot take your customers or employees.


If you haven't already, remember to watch part one, two and three of what you need to include in your employee contract to make sure your business is protected.



  1. Police and criminal reference bureau - as a business owner you are entitles to do a DBS check on all your employees. You will want to state this when employing and ensure it is in their contract. Your employees need to understand that they have to comply with this.


They also need to be made aware of the fact that you will most likely do this check yearly (or maybe more frequently or randomly if something comes to your attention). A check will not last forever as it is only valid for the time at which you do it, so if something happens after this time, you will not be informed about it and so regular checking is important to ensure the safety of your customers and their homes.


  1. Restraining clause/non-compete agreement – as an owner of a cleaning business you want to ensure that your employees do not solicit your customers or your employees. In their contract you want to ensure that it says that they cannot work for any of your customers for 12 months or longer after they have terminated their contract with you, this helps discourage people leaving to go and work directly for your customers.


You will get employees who may have worked for your company for several years who think, okay I am going to start my own company now and they can, good luck to them, but if they are going to do this you don’t want them taking your customers with them. By stipulating this in their contract it will not only stop you losing any business but may discourage them from leaving in the first place.


When an employee hands in their notice to leave, if you suddenly lose some clients then you may need to consider that this is what has happened and potentially your employee has broken their contract.


You also don’t want them taking all your cleaners as this will leave you with lots of customers, but no one to do the cleaning. By putting this in the contract and ensuring they understand this will ensure that this never happens.


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