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Tools, training, and community to help YOU grow your cleaning business PLUS CLEANING product or tools of the month!


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You have done the hard part.. You have started your cleaning business.. You should be very proud of yourself. Well done you! 🥰


Then a few years down the line and you feel unmotivated and wondering if all this is worth it. You scroll through the job sites trying to find anything that will pay you anywhere near what you are earning now, just to find yourself on repeat. 
Whether you are just starting out or you have been in business for a few years, there is good news for you... 
What really Ilze, tell me more!
To be successful you need to do what successful people do. Success leaves clues. You need to concentrate on positive support, someone that's done what you want to do, a great mentor that will help and guide you, a winning attitude, open mind and someone that willing to keep you accountable! 
That is why I created CleanerMe and the Cleaning Academy. It is Like an all in one PLUS with done for you marketing included. What yes it is also designed to make your life easier with DONE FOR YOU newsletters every month PLUS marketing its to bring in more business, but most importantly someone that is willing to be behind you and support you whenever you need it.
So if you are tired of struggling, feel like your stuck, overwhelmed and just don't know where to start... CleanerMe will help you reach your goals faster with less effort. You see building a successful business is 80% mindset and that is where we will be focusing our attention. So if you need help and loads of motivation you will fit right in with all of us! 
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No matter if you are just starting your cleaning business or you already have staff members working for you.

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When was the last time you've done something for yourself?

 Hi, I'm Ilze, you might know me better as The Cleaning Coach and my partner in crime - Vicky Warrington (Chief of boxes) and together we run CleanerMe with YOU in mind. With all my experience in running a successful cleaning business, I understand NOW that to be truly successful is not the amount of money OR freedom you get but rather WHOM you became in the process. Money does not make you happy!   CleanerMe is about investing in yourself  - BY FAR THE BEST INVESTMENT you will ever make and it is only classed as a waste of money if you DON'T invest in yourself. 

If you are ready to invest in yourself and you like me want to see success quicker than this is a no brainer. 

Come and join us TODAY on this eppic journey and receive a little bit of Christmas every month as an added bonus! 

Here's to your success 

Love, Ilze and Vicky xx


Ok, Ilze what's Cleanerme and what's involved?  


I want my very own box today!

The Cleantastic Monthly Subscription Box

The Monthly box is designed for YOU! Running a cleaning business is hard and very lonely and most of us forget to treat ourselves, so this is a little bit of Christmas every month for you as a reward for working so hard! Don't you agree that you need some well earned YOU time? Well so do we!

I want one!

The Online Academy 

We have Monthly lessons focusing on you and your mindset. If you need motivation (this is where we will put a fire under your ...) so we together as a team start seeing results and that only comes from action. We have implementation workshops. Yes, together we get it done and ask any questions you might have. PLUS starting in January we will have two weekly CLINICS to focus on marketing your cleaning business. (my famous staff interview course is already included to get you started.)


I don't want to miss out!

The CleaneMe Tribe

Our Facebook CleanerMe Tribe where all the action starts. You will get more from me. This is where we host our WIN AN IPAD competition and loads of prizes to win along the way. Come and get inspired AND FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR BUSINESS AGAIN! 

Let's end this year strong and show 2020 that WE WILL NOT BE BEATEN. 


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What's included in YOUR monthly cleantastic box? 

It's like a little bit of Christmas just for YOU!

            What's included in the CleanerMe Online Academy?

Monthly Masterclasses 

A monthly masterclass to help you build strong foundations for your fast-growing business. Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed, stress, self-doubt - well that voice in your head that is stopping you from succeeding.

 Marketing Clinic 

We will get down to business with example letters and flyers to work on getting more better-paying customers and we will start to automate your marketing. The Clinics are for learning and the implementation workshop is for getting it done.

Implementation workshops

This is where we all get together and do the work that's needed to do together. No more procrastinating, no more feeling stuck. Do it and start seeing results! BETTER TOGETHER! 

Weekly bum kick emails 

We all need inspiration and motivation from time to time, but CleanerMe is motivation on a different level. You will fall in love with your business again and feel super empowered.

We are only open until next Friday! Don't miss the next box... It's going to be AMAZEBALLS! 


Which membership is for me?

The subscription boxes are only for UK residents at present. We will be looking to expand to deliver to other countries in 2022! BUT you can still get all of the other benefits with our online option. 


Monthly box Membership + Online(UK ONLY)

£29.99/m Cancel any time

Our most popular plan

  • Different monthly themes
  • Cleaning product or tool
  • Spoil yourself surprises 
  • Unlimited access to the online academy and masterclasses, implementation workshop and the marketing clinics
  • Access to The Cleaning Coach Academy
  • Access to monthly competitions and prises
  • Weekly bum kick emails 
  • and loads more to come
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Online Academy ONLY (For non UK members)

£18.99/m Cancel any time


  • Unlimited access to the online academy and masterclasses, implementation workshop and the marketing clinics
  • Access to The Cleaning Coach Academy
  • Access to monthly competitions and prises
  • Weekly bum kick emails 
  • and loads more to come
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Box only membership

£10/m + Postage (UK MEMBERS ONLY)

Whats included

  • Different monthly themes
  • Cleaning product or tool
  • Spoil yourself surprises 
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WELCOME TO cleanerMe



We think our boxes are AMAZEBALLS, BUT don't just take our word for it... Here's what cleaning business owners just like you have to say about CleanerMe ... 

I want to be in the hall of Fame!
Victoria Thomas

"CleanerMe has helped me stay focussed and keeps me accountable. I am very excited every month knowing there is something special arriving just for me. I would 100% recommend cleaners for anyone that has a cleaning business. I have met some brilliant people, who have become friends and learned so much."

Racheal Vermaas

"Cleanerme has helped me not to give up on my business. I know I am not alone and won’t be struggling or be so stressed any more! Cleanerme has encouraged me to run a better successful business.

Cleanerme help me run my business to where I want it to be, help me with getting the right staff and to do less cleaning and concentrate more and getting more clients. The box was a lovely surprise with lots of lovely gifts and it gave me a boost to continue. I am now looking forward to the next one. Thank you so much.

I definitely recommend Cleanerme because this is a fun friendly group to join."


Sonya Sanders 
"Cleanerme has given me the kick up the area I needed. The box was absolutely amazing and I loved it and can’t wait for the next one. I would definitely recommend Cleanerme to other cleaning business owners as it will help people like ourselves."
Kirsten Bradford

"So far I have obviously joined and also purchased the Cleaning Manual..... For the small amount I have spent so far, I already have so much to show for it...And, where else could I have got all the support, knowledge, both from Ilze and Vicky and members. When feeling a little sluggish rework, most mornings I pop the cleaning coach videos on to give me that boost to start the day and they give that uplift before going out the door!

I am feeling more confident regarding building my business. Have received so much help already.

I feel excited and eager to learn and grow. I think over time this group will become even more amazing!"



When was the last time you did something for yourself?

Yes please, I want to treat myself for once!

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